"My muse, the desert, speaks to me in yellow hues of fragrant color. It inspires my palette from the lemony yellow blossoms of the palo verde tree and the creosote bush in my yard, to the Pecos Thimblehead alongside the road." —Stephen Hall

Stephen was reborn, artistically, in the dry Sonoran desert. He had retired to Tucson, Arizona from a successful career as an art director in Washington, DC. In the golden hour of evening, while sketching at the foot of a Saguaro cactus at the edge of the Rincon Mountains, he made a commitment to take the leap, and go full-time into painting.

In the advertising business, we have a saying—“sell the sizzle, not the steak.” This is the approach Stephen takes with his paintings. He may sketch while hiking a desert trail or walking a lonely beach, but never paints en plein air. Inspired (the sizzle) by what he sees (the steak), he takes it back to the studio and creates an entirely different picture based on the inspiration.

"Stephen's large acrylics capture beautifully the colors and textures of this uniquely American part of the world. It is impossible to view these works without feeling yourself drawn magically into the desert, amid the orange and brown outcroppings of earth and rock, accentuated as they are by the clear, cerulean skies that crown the Southwestern landscape." —Geoffrey Littlehale, Driscoll Geoffrey Inc.


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